About Us

Hi, I am the Spiritual prem, the student. Here to shine love and light. All journeys are beautiful, no matter how dark they seem.


My name is Pamela. I have practicing Yoga for 6 years. It has led me through a maze of spiritual understanding and came to realize that to know your true Self, you first must first know your Truth, unpick the layers of social conditioning, wade through past traumas and swim through the oceans of your history. This can seem like a long scary process, but with the gentle kind, loving support, you begin to feel the healing light filling the cracks. We can breeeeath and let go. I am on this pathless path and I am here to share this journey with you.

My aim is to create a community of supportive people on this pathless path. I will share my own experiences and tools that have helped me to hope this aids in your own wonderful journey,

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding anything on this site.

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